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Eden Day Care Lounge and Respite Centre
for Older Adults from Eleos Homecare Limited

Since 2018, Eleos Homecare Limited have been delivering domiciliary care to older adults in Carlisle and the surrounding villages.  During our home care visits, we have often thought “it would be so nice if we could get them all together for a coffee and a chat or something, they must be so lonely....”

Social isolation and loneliness can have a serious effect on the health of older people, and according to Age UK, over a million people over the age of 75 say they can go more than a month without talking to or seeing anyone.

We were also becoming increasing concerned for those caring for loved ones at home.  Since the pandemic, day care services have become very scarce and having worked with carers for many years, we know how stressful caring for a loved one can be.  Respite from this is essential.

So, fast forward to the end of last year, and we decided to open a day care centre for older adults.  Somewhere warm and safe where they could spend the day, in the company of others, socialising, chatting, joining in, sharing stories and memories, laughing, joking and just feeling part of something again.

With our history in the local care sector, people can be sure that their loved ones are safe (we’re care trained, DBS checked, Dignity Champions and Dementia Friends) and will be well taken care of.


Domiciliary Care & Respite at Home

Care in your own home

Eden Day Care Lounge

Older Adults Day Care Centre   Warwick on Eden near Carlisle

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Unit C Moorhouse Courtyard, Warwick on Eden, Carlisle, Cumbria CA4 8PA

01228 562355

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