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Respite for Carers

Are you one of the 6 million people in the UK who are caring for a loved one at home?

We care for people because it's our job and we love it, you care for them because they are yours and you love them.  We understand. We also know that quality care can only be given by those who take care of themselves, and this includes you.

Our Respite for Carers service is simple. Either one of our Eleos Homecarers will come to your home and temporarily step into your role while you take time out for yourself for a well earned break, or you can drop your loved one off with us and we'll take care of them in our Day Centre for the day.

Maybe you just need a couple of hours to get some shopping, meet your friends for a coffee, spend some time with your grandchildren and knowing that someone is at home with your loved one would put your mind at ease. 

Or perhaps you are working and knowing your loved one was safe with us for the day would make that home/work balance a little easier to cope with. Maybe you just need a rest. Whatever your reasons, we are here to help.

Give us a ring, one of our Care Planners will be happy to come and see you, talk about what we can offer you to help you with your caring role.  From a 2 hour "sitting service" to a full day of day care respite, let us help you.

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